The HNG Internship

Become an intern

The HNG Internship is a way for you to become a better software developer. It’s not a training center, and it’s designed for absolute beginners. It is post-training and pre-job. You should have practised software development for at least 2 months on your own before you try it. If you are ready, then welcome..

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Why should you do the HNG Internship?

  • The HNG Internship finalists have become some of the greatest developers in Nigeria.
  • It is lots of fun. The internship is more of a game than anything else. You will make teams, break teams, fall for tricks, earn lots of money, work hard and earn no money, get kicked out, get accepted again, learn tools you never used in a few hours. There is always one surprise or the other. There are no teachers. Just projects, coding and mentors. And sometimes the mentors become participants. Our aim is to have fun and earn while learning.
  • There are 10 stages to the internship. Even if you don’t make it to stage 3, you will learn a lot. Hey, what is there to lose?