HNG is a company with a mission — we work with the very best techies to help them enhance their skills through our HNG internship program and build their network. We also work with clients to find them the best technical talent across the globe.


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We bring the spark to your Tech journey.

HNG will transform your Tech Career.
We ofter you various pathways that allow you to upskill yourself into a valuable contributor in the technology space. By joining one of our programs, you will gain valuable skills, significantly improve your knowledge, and build a network of like-minded people that will take you to the next level.
HNG is a set of programmed designed for intermediate to advanced learners who want to rapidly move forward in their career - and end up in jobs in the best international companies.

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Looking to Test and Amplify Your Skill?

We offer a transformative 2-month internship, where we amplify skills, cultivate networks, and immerse participants in real projects. Tailored for those with prior knowledge, it's a hands-on journey to practical expertise.


We're on a mission to empower businesses by providing access job-ready Talents equipped with the skills and expertise their business or product needs!

But here's the twist—our secret sauce lies in providing clients unparalleled access to a talent pool meticulously nurtured and developed. These individuals seamlessly integrate into your operations, bringing a unique blend of skills and expertise to elevate your projects.

More than an accelerator

Upskill yourself in many ways - bootcamps, live classes, and virtual networking

Elevate Your Craft with HNG Internship!

Embark on a transformative journey to hone your skills for a future-ready tech career.


Unlock Your Tech Potential


Unlock Your Potential with Expert-Led Live Courses

Unlock your potential with our live courses led by industry experts. Delve into advanced topics and fast-track your career journey with us.


Unlock Your Tech Potential


Expand Your Horizons with HNG Network

Experience the benefits of HNG Network's expansive community. Engage with peers, mentors, and industry leaders to broaden your perspectives and propel your professional growth.


Unlock Your Tech Potential


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“The Docker and Kubernetes course provided by HNG was incredibly insightful and well-structured. I gained a comprehensive understanding of containerization and orchestration technologies, thanks to the exceptional ability to explain intricate concepts in a clear manner. I highly recommend this course to anyone, anytime, as it has significantly enhanced my skills.“

Odoh Tochukwu


“The docker/kubernetes course was a wonderful experience. It was not as time-consuming as I expected, Within just one hour the instructor was able to touch key and important areas. The practical assignments were a little hard but was designed to solidify our basics. I learnt a lot especially from questions being asked during the lectures. I will definitely encourage anyone to take part in this wonderful experience.“

Chinedu Mbaodoh


“The class was a very good intro to docker and Kubernetes, the sessions gave me a practical example of the capabilities of these tools and how to apply them, My highlight of the training was how appreciated my questions were, they always go answers with examples to emphasize better.“



“This course was fantastic! I had some experience with Docker, but Kubernetes was completely new to me. The instructor did a great job of explaining complex topics in a clear and concise way. The practicals were especially helpful in solidifying my understanding. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about Docker and Kubernetes.“

Jenni Essien